4:00 PM16:00

Kilbride Parish Ladies' Group

Group Outing

There will be an outing for the group in May to Harrison's in Greyabbey which will leave the church car park at 4:00pm.  On arrival the shop and nursery will be open to browse around before sitting down for dinner at This will be followed by gospel praise at 7:30pm led by well known gospel singer Warren Smyth.  Leaving Harrison's at 9:30 and returning to the car park by approximately 10:30pm.  Contact committee members for more details.

Harrison's Website

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to Jun 1

Holy Land Pilgrimage

The next pilgrimage to the Holy Land is being planned already and more details regarding this trip will be available when it is formally launched on 21st October, 2017 in the Parish Hall.  See the entry for that date on this web page.

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7:00 PM19:00

Pilgrimage to the Six Churches

Kilbride CemeteryLR5C2375.jpeg

This pilgrimage will visit the sites of the six historical churches associated with the Parish of Kilbride.  A number of them are now only small wall-steads or a few remnants of stone walls but all had significance as places of worship in bygone days.

We will begin at St Bride's and then make our way to the Old Burial Ground at Rashee, then to a field at Posey Hill followed by Kilbride graveyard, Doagh graveyard, Ballyhamage House and back to St Bride's.

Please note the following;

Some of the ground is quite rough and walking through some of the sites may not suit everyone.

To avoid causing any difficulties for other road users we need to take as few cars as possible so please be prepared to car share.

We need to know how many people are planning to go on this pilgrimage so please put your name on the list in the church porch if you intend going (ask the wardens for it).

We hope to have a blessed and spiritually refreshing time as we take on this pilgrimage.




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7:45 PM19:45

Beetle Drive

Following on from the success of last year's event and by popular demand, another Beetle Drive will be held in the Parish Hall and will include light refreshments.


Entrance prices;

Adults £5.00, Children £2.50

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11:00 AM11:00

Celebrating the Life of St Bride and Service for the Interment of the Time Capsule

St Bride

This morning's service will be the first of three special themed services relating to the three most prominent Irish saints, i.e. St Brigid, St Patrick and St Columba.  Today's service will celebrate the life of St Brigid or St Bride, after whom our church is named.  St Bride's day is celebrated on 1st February.

Time Capsule

150 Year LogoSmall.jpg

It's getting ever closer to the date when we will be interring a time capsule within the church grounds so if you have any contributions you think could be added please bring them forward for consideration.  The capsule will be interred during the morning service.

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to Feb 28

Invitation to register as a general vestryperson

The Parish Register of General Vestrypersons

What is a General Vestryperson?

A parishioner (someone who lives within the parish boundary) or accustomed member (someone who doesn’t live within the boundary but attends church) and whose name is on the parish list of General Vestrypersons.

How do you become one?

You fill in a form which the Church Wardens will provide.

Can anybody become one?

No! You must be at least 18 and have subscribed (by recordable means, e.g. Freewill Offering Envelopes) to parish funds in the past year.

Why might I want to become one?

When you register as a General Vestryperson you are entitled to have a say in the business affairs of the parish. The annual business meeting is known as the Easter General Vestry meeting, at which elections to the Select Vestry and other appointments take place.

If I go to the meeting can I bring up whatever issues I like?

No. The General Vestry members elect the Select Vestry and receive the Financial Statement. In our parish they also hear the Rector’s Address. Questions on these matters are welcome, but no other business is con- ducted. Most people find the meeting quite interesting.

I think I filled in a form to become a General Vestryperson about ten years ago. Do I still hold this title?

You might do! In fact, if you still subscribe to parish funds, you probably do! Get the Churchwardens to check if your name is there.

When can I register?

Only during the month of February. An announcement will be made in church, and a notice will be posted on the church door, to tell you when the Register is to be opened and closed.

If I register, how often am I required to attend meetings?

There is usually only one meeting per year. 

As far as I know I meet all the requirements—do you think I should register?  


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11:00 AM11:00

Holocaust Memorial Day

Star of David - blue.png

Holocaust Memorial Day falls on 27th January and at St Bride's we will observe this day on the nearest Sunday.  It is a day when we seek to learn the lessons of the past and we would ask for all of our people to be in church so that we, as a parish family, can properly honour all those who were murdered in the Holocaust.

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