Select Vestry (as elected at the Easter General Vestry Meeting held on 4th April 2017)

Rev. Canon David Humphries (Chair)

Honorary Secretary - Ivan Topping

Honorary Treasurer - Richard Balmer

Rector’s Church Warden - Clarence Gibson

People’s Church Warden - Iris McCormick

Rector's Glebe Warden - Jim Wilson

People's Glebe Warden - Billy Robinson

Other members - Kate Henry, Lillian Lyttle, Avril Nicholl, Steve Aiken, Nigel Cinnamon, David Hamill,  Jim Johnston, Raymond McDonald, David Rea & Rodney Wilson.


Select Vestry - Palm Sunday, 9th April 2017

Select Vestry - Palm Sunday, 9th April 2017

Select Vestry - February 2017

Select Vestry - February 2017

Parish Handbook

The Church of Ireland Parish Handbook is a manual to support select vestries, parish officers and all members of the Church in the administration and organisation of parish life.  The Handbook takes the form of a series of separate guidance notes organised by topic and available on this section of the website, under the relevant topic area.

Click this link to go to the Parish Handbook on the main Church of Ireland website.


Parochial Nominators

Kate Henry, Nigel Cinnamon, Ivan Topping & Rodney Wilson

Supplemental Parochial Nominators

Lillian Lyttle, Barbara Rea, David Holmes & Jim Wilson

Diocesan Synodspersons

Ivan Topping & Iris McCormick

Supplemental Diocesan Synodspersons

Barbara Rea & Hilary Rea

Parochial Hall Organiser

Alex Johnston

Freewill Offerings

Freewill Offerings Secretary - Graham Campbell

Freewill Offerings Gift-Aid Secretaries - Phyllis Glenn & Irene Paget

Sunday School

Sunday School Superintendent - Eleanor Graham


Jean Johnston

Flower Arrangements

Betty Girvan, Hazel McDonald & Irene Paget

Parish Webmaster

David Holmes - please contact us with any issues you may have relating to this website by clicking Webmaster

Parish Facebook Administrators

Rev. Canon David Humphries & David Holmes