Hymns, chants etc. for February 2018


Sunday 4 February           2nd Sunday before Lent

11.00am Holy Communion

584   Jesus calls us! O’er the tumult (Second Tune: St. Nicholas)

643   Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart

425   Jesus, thou joy of loving hearts; (Second Tune: Maryton)

659   Onward Christian soldiers, (Tune: St Gertrude)

Jubilate  (p92)


Sunday 11 February        Sunday next before Lent

11.00am Morning Prayer

493   Ye Know that the Lord is gracious, (Tune: Hyfrydol)

601   Teach me my God and King, (Tune: Sandys)

  97   Jesus shall reign, where’er the sun (Tune: Truro)

112   There is a Redeemer (Tune: There is a Redeemer)

491   We have a gospel to proclaim, (Tune: Fulda (Walton))

Venite (1-7) (p87)   Ps.50 (1-6) (p648)  Te Deum: pt 2 (p89)


Sunday 18 February         Lent 1

11.00am Holy Communion (Family Service)

652   Lead us heavenly Father, lead us (Tune: Mannheim)

689   Come sing praises to the Lord above (Tune: Come sing praises)

207   Forty days and forty nights (Tune: Heinlein (Aus der Tiefe))

635   Lord, be my guardian and my guide (Tune: Abridge)

658    One more step along the world I go, (Tune: Southcote)


Sunday 25 February         Lent 2

11.00am Morning Prayer

108   Praise to the Holiest in the height (Second Tune: Chorus Angelorum)

  93   I danced in the morning when the world was begun (Tune: Lord of the dance)

372   Through all the changing scenes of life (Tune: Wiltshire)

353   Give to our god immortal praise (Tune: Worcester (Birstal))

593   O Jesus I have promised (Tune: Wolvercote)

Venite (1-7) (p87)    Ps.42 (p640)  Te Deum: pt 2 (p89)