150th Anniversary Celebrations

In June 2018 St Bride's will celebrate the 150th anniversary of its consecration.  To give it a more elaborate title it will be the church's sesquicentennial celebrations and it will be hosting numerous events to mark this very significant date in its history.  Everyone is invited to take part in the activities that are being planned.  These plans are still to be finalised but in the coming months and over the course of next year this page will feature everything relating to this wonderful anniversary.  You will see the logo on the right featured in publicity for the activities and events leading up to and beyond the date of the anniversary.  The church was consecrated on 9th June 1868 and an account of the service and all the proceedings on that day can be read in the book entitled Mills, Ministers and Moggies, which is a history of the church and its environs written by a former rector, Rev. Roy Cox.  The book was originally published in 1959 with additional information added in 2000.  It is no longer in print but copies are available from some church members.

Look out for more information soon.

Time Capsule

There is a proposal to bury a time capsule in the grounds of the church, to be opened in 50 years time.  Suggestions are requested for what sort of thing should be put into this sealed container that might be of interest to those opening it in the year 2068 A.D..  If you have any ideas for objects to be included the church Select Vestry would be keen to hear them.  The best ways of doing this would be to either complete a paper form which will be made available in church which, on completion, should be returned to the Rector, or complete the on-line form below.  When the on-line form is completed and submitted it will be emailed to the Rector.  There will be a cut-off date for all suggestions to be made by and the Select Vestry will then decide what will be included.  Please be mindful when making suggestions that space inside the capsule will be very limited.

Suggestions Form

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